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2021 Benefits Open Enrollment

Welcome to your benefits enrollment planning site. Here you'll find resources to help you begin reviewing your 2021 plan options. Along with our kickoff message, view the medical plans video below and a new plan selector tool, so you're prepared to make the most informed decisions for you and your family.

Open Enrollment is coming up, November 2 - November 16, 2020. 

How do I know what medical plan is best for me?

You can use the VIPS tool (link below) to help model your healthcare scenarios.

  • Review your expenses for the past year and your total premium costs
    - Could you save in bi-weekly premium costs and take advantage of a High Deductible Plan/HDHP that allows you to set aside extra money in your own Health Savings Account/HSA?
  • Compare plan deductibles and out of pocket costs
  • Consider any healthcare expenses or anticipated needs for next year

Whether you need health care coverage as a single employee or your entire family, it’s important to examine what differentiates each plan and your unique healthcare needs to determine what is the best fit.

Click here to access the VIPS tool (Download Excel file)  [Spanish / Hmong]

Once you download the file, click "Enable Editing” button in the upper portion to use the use the modeling tool and enter your own inputs.  If you’re not sure where you can access MS Excel to use the VIPS tool, it's also available at employee kiosks at work. 

To learn more about how to navigate and make your inputs to the VIPS tool, click the video below. 


2021 Rates 


Note: The full details of choices on medical plans, plus all benefit choices, will be available in the 2021 Open Enrollment guide. For a summary chart, click here

To view rates with wellness credits applied to medical plan options, click here.

Video: Open Enrollment

Spanish / Hmong

Video: Medical Plans


Video: HSA, Employee Experiences


Plan Choices

Review the 2021 Benefits Guide for all your plan options and enrollment details.  
[Spanish / Hmong

Additional Resources

How to Enroll (begins Nov. 2)

  • To Make Your Benefit Elections:
    Go to and click on the Open Enrollment task in your Inbox.

    For detailed steps to enroll, use the Enrollment Quick Reference Guide (includes medical plan rate chart with wellness credits). 

  • To Help Prepare:
    For new dependents, collect the legal names, dates of birth and social security numbers.

This is a “passive” enrollment, which means if you do not make a new active election, your current benefit plan elections will remain the same for 2021. The one exception is Flexible Spending (FSA) Accounts which require a new election each year.  Enroll by November 16 (Midnight CT), 2020.


Your health is important and Taylor wants to help you know your numbers and be rewarded for living a healthy lifestyle. Learn more and get connected with healthy resources in our Wellness Program Guide.

If you particpated in a wellness screeing and earned credits, view the medical plan rate chart with wellness credits applied for your annual and bi-weekly discount.  


If you have questions, we have a team of experts to help.

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