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Values & Vision

Creating opportunity and security for our employees.

Taylor Corporation and its family of companies are a connected team of dedicated and motivated professionals who seek to create tomorrow’s innovations, business processes, and marketing solutions for our clients. Our core purpose is to create opportunity and security for our employees.

Within Taylor Corporation you have the freedom to dream, and take your career where you want. There are opportunities all over the country.  
- Ben, Production Supervisor

Core Values

Taylor’s portfolio of outstanding companies share a common set of core values:

  • We respect the potential and significance of every individual.

    I help test new color management systems and provide feedback - it's really nice being appreciated for what I know and what I do. 
    - Mark, Press Operator

  • We have a passion for our customers and our work.

    I work with people I really enjoy being around, who are excited about their job and passionate about helping our customers. 
    - Carey, Project Coordinator

  • We believe there is always a better way.

    Whether it’s improved equipment or finding ways to integrate with our customers more effectively and reduce costs for them, our "Always a Better Way" mindset permeates our business and relationships with our customers. 
    - Greg, Executive VP

  • We embrace personal as well as shared responsibility and accountability.

    We have great teams and a collaborate environment, working together to develop ideas and put them into action.
    - Doug, Sales Representative