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Sustainability, Health and Safety

Ensuring our actions today make a positive impact tomorrow.

Taylor believes it is our responsibility to make a positive impact on the communities in which we live, work and serve. We are committed to applying our global knowledge and expertise to attain and continually improve safety, environmental performance and sustainability. View our Corporate Social Responsibility report.

Our Commitment to Compliance

Our corporate, legal, human resources, and safety/environmental leaders support professionals at every Taylor company to ensure that each and every one complies with applicable labor, safety, and environmental regulations.

Non-Recyclables to Fuel Program

Prior to 1995, Taylor created a program to segregate all non-recyclable paper and plastic from the waste stream and convert it to fuel for the local power plant.  Each year, our Mankato-based Taylor companies alone produce over a thousand tons of fuel — enough to provide electricity for hundreds of homes.  And at Taylor facilities across the country, recycling programs are in place to recycle or reuse paper, plastics, cardboard, metal, foil and electronics.

Supplier Relationships

Taylor identifies environmentally responsible opportunities with its vendors and suppliers and creates business partnerships with suppliers who implement environmental policies of their own.

Solvent Recycling

Taylor utilizes solvent recycling units that allow press cleaning solvents to be reused. One Taylor company reduced its solvent purchases by 42% and reduced solvent waste by over 3,000 gallons per year, while another reduced its hazardous waste generation by 50%. 

Ink Mixing & Dispensing Systems

Many Taylor companies have implemented ink mixing systems allowing them to use ink in inventory to create custom color mixes, reducing the ink consumption and waste. Many of our commercial printers have also implemented ink dispensing systems to automatically fill presses as needed, resulting in less overfilling and waste. 

Our Commitment to Health and Safety

The core purpose of Taylor Corporation is to create opportunity and security for our employees. A foundational element of that purpose is ensuring the safety and health of our employees as well as our clients, vendors and visitors. Our Environmental, Health and Safety Policy includes the expectations as part of our overall corporate social responsibility. 

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Always a Better Way. As one of our core values, employees are continually finding new ways to ensure that our business operations reduce waste and tread lightly on the environment.

Lean and Six Sigma Processes. Taylor is continually seeking efficiencies and savings in the manufacturing areas.

In addition to organization-wide efforts, employees have developed innovative company programs and groups that are focused on integrating sustainability into the work we do every day.