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Packaging & Labels

Supplying creative labels and packaging that are innovative, recognizable, and memorable.

Taylor understands the importance of communicating a brand effectively and consistently — and innovation is key. To remain competitive and identifiable, product manufacturers need flexible packaging that enables them to creatively package and market their products. To satisfy this growing demand, Taylor companies support a full range of packaging and labeling capabilities designed to ensure our customers’ products get noticed — from cartons and boxes to product labels and pouches. Our labels are critical to the branding and manufacturing industries and are used to identify some of the nation’s most common and recognizable household brands.  A global leader for in-mold labels and packaging, we can develop solutions that are equally as innovative as your products.


  • Life Event Products
  • Seasonal Products
  • Wedding Accessories
  • Reseller Programs
  • Distributor Programs
  • Re-branded Web Sites and E-Commerce
  • Renewal and Reorder Marketing
  • Multi Sales Channel Coordination
  • Merchandizing and Advertising Assistance
  • Non-Personalized Product
  • Multi-Channel Advertising Programs



  • Run Length Flexibility, Ability to do Short Runs
  • Extensive Customization Capabilities
  • Single Source for Packaging and Labels
  • Quick Turnaround Times

Case Study

“Saving the Day” with a Heroic Label Solution

Read up on how Virtual Images, a Travel Tags company and Taylor affiliate, helped a large international chain of convenience stores promote and market their newest frozen drink cups — and bring to life scenes from a new and notable superhero film.

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