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Innovation at Work

A catalyst for ideas and opportunities.

There's Always a Better Way
At Taylor the mindset that “there’s always a better way” permeates everything we do. Whether it’s by securing the most technically advanced equipment or finding new strategies for integrating with our customers more efficiently, we’re always looking for a new and improved way to approach everything we do. 

Throughout the past 40 years, Taylor and its family of companies have led the way in adopting and introducing numerous industry-changing process innovations to improve efficiencies and products — from being the first to produce same day and next day wedding orders to offering variable data printing and personalized marketing services. We are known for our agility and ability to find unique solutions for our customers – be it for commercial printing, data solutions, stationery or mailing services. As of 2013, the company had more than 100 patents and patent applications worldwide.

Technology & Innovation at Taylor
To help foster and advance the company’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, we create environments and shared spaces that are designed to help our businesses focus on technology initiatives for our customers. We foster collaborative learning environments, where our employees collaborate on technology projects and researching new and innovative solutions.

Taylor supports a team of Innovation Architects who work directly with companies and our customers and play a unique role as partners, incubators, and explorers. With more than 80 subsidiaries across the globe we focus a wide variety of diverse and dynamic markets. Some of the areas we experiment in and explore include:

  • Creating more agile business processes
  • Mobilizing digital marketing
  • Enabling personalization to permeate
  • Empowering a more sustainable enterprise
  • Creating new market-relevant products
  • Enhancing go-to-market strategies for new markets

Technology at Taylor


"Our approach is to solve real problems in the market and ultimately that approach provides opportunity and security for our employees."

-Glenn Bottomly, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer